Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services in Chicago

Having extensive experience in both the business and banking sectors, the principals of SOGID™ Management Consultants provide the finest Financial Advisory services that the industry has to offer. We take the time to get to know our clients, so we can create customized business solutions for each one.

Types of Financial Advisory Services

Regardless of industry, the SOGID™ team provides tailor fit Financial Advisory solutions that not only identify business challenges, but also provide strategies that lead to successful outcomes. We are pleased to offer the following Financial Advisory Services for clients in the Chicagoland area.

Interim Management Services

If a company is to be successful in the long term, it must be properly guided by the right executive management team. An organization’s CEO or CFO must have the right mix of financial and operational experience, insight and vision in order to take a company into a prosperous future. Should your business suffer the loss of its CEO or CFO, the highly knowledgeable team at SOGID™ Management Consultants can help by providing immediate support with our Interim Management Services. Our team has the skill sets, knowledge and experience to fill the void, so you can continue to pursue your business objectives.

Corporate Restructuring

SOGID™ Management Consultants has extensive experience in creating tailor fit corporate restructuring solutions. Whether it be due to a downturn in business, or the occurrence of other undesirable financial circumstances, a corporate restructuring is sometimes needed for the long-term survival of an organization. As no two businesses are alike, neither should their corporate restructuring strategy be. The SOGID™ team gets to know our clients and their businesses, so we can fully understand what challenges or roadblocks are present both in daily operations, and from the big picture perspective. Our mission is to help our clients right what is wrong, and forge a path toward a successful future.

Human Resources Development

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, a company’s management staff must consistently perform at their best in order to help the organization achieve its goals. The highly knowledgeable and experienced team at SOGID™ Management Consultants has worked with many organizations to optimize the effectiveness of their leadership staff through our Senior Management Coaching services.

Why Senior Leadership Coaching Is Important

Senior leadership coaching brings a new perspective to companies, often shedding light on new ways to resolve problems and maximize productivity. Our objective, unbiased approach to coaching is designed to help people in senior management positions continue to develop their knowledge, abilities and skills. When it comes to corporate coaching, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. The services we offer are individualized to the meet the unique needs of each senior manager.

Data Business Analysis

Utilizing data to gain insight into business patterns and challenges is invaluable for any company. The partners at SOGID™ Management Consultants have three decades of data analysis experience. We are experts at dissecting large data sets, so the proper information can be utilized in making informed business decisions. A company’s data reveals not only past successes, but also the challenges they faced. Armed with the knowledge that comes from careful data analysis, the SOGID™ team can help clients clear the way for a more successful future.

Alternative Debt & Equity Refinancing Sources

Maintaining consistent cash flow and reliable financing relationships are the foundation of every viable business. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it is necessary for a company to seek out new sources of funding. Whether it be due to an overextension with a current financing relationship, a need for recapitalization, acquisition financing or other important needs, the highly experienced team at SOGID™ Management Consultants can help your company establish alternative financing options that will best meet your unique business needs.

Financial Insolvency

Navigating a company through insolvency, regardless of its industry or size can be difficult, especially for those who have not previously experienced the process. The team at SOGID™ Management Consultants has many years of experience helping clients work through the complicated path of insolvency with regard to Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Receivership proceedings. In addition to guiding clients through the legal process of insolvency, we can serve as strong advocates for them in their relationship with creditors. There is no single established strategy for managing insolvency. We help clients find the path that addresses their unique and specific needs.

Choosing the Right Financial Advisor in the Chicagoland Area

Regardless of industry or size, the highly experienced partners at SOGID™ Management Consultants have helped many businesses navigate difficult times, and establish a path forward for future success. Let us utilize our three decades of knowledge and experience to be a trusted, long term partner for your organization.
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