Frequently Asked Questions

Utilizing our 3 decades of business knowledge and experience, we can share market-proven strategies and systems to help you reach your company’s financial goals. Contact us today!

SOGID’s Interim Management Services is an ideal solution for companies such as yours. We can provide the insight, guidance, and strategic planning normally performed by a CEO or CFO – even on a short-term basis, and at a fraction of what a full-time position would cost.

Through the implementation of time-tested systems and processes, we can help companies optimize their working capital management and cash flow.

We routinely help companies improve their financial performance, which in turn has the collateral effect of making an organization more attractive to stakeholders, like banks and bonding companies.

Because every business and industry are different, there is no single, cookie-cutter approach to restructuring a business. The SOGID team takes the time to get to know our clients, so we can create tailor-fit solutions to meet their unique needs.

SOGID has a robust network of financing sources that can offer solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our proven systems and processes can help you optimize your working capital management. Assuming you are profitable, we can assist in smoothing out the inefficiencies in your cash flow.

We can help your company organize and curate its data for security purposes, to optimize efficiencies, and support M&A transactions.

SOGID’s team of highly knowledgeable professionals can function as executive coaches and active advisory board members to augment the business decision making capabilities of less experienced leaders.

Before any action towards bankruptcy is taken, it is important to fully understand whether that is the best option for your business. There may be more appropriate tools available that will produce a better outcome. Some of these tools are much less expensive, and time consuming than bankruptcy proceedings.

If bankruptcy is determined to be the right choice, we can help you navigate that process in collaboration with your legal counsel.