Corporate Restructuring Services

The principals of SOGID™ Management Consultants are uniquely qualified to offer unmatched corporate restructuring services in a wide variety of areas.

Corporate Restructuring Services

SOGID™ Management Consultants specialize in creating corporate restructuring strategies for companies of all sizes and industries. When an organization finds itself in less than desirable financial circumstances, there is a need to resolve today’s business problems to ensure that a solid future lies ahead.

Our restructuring strategies apply a holistic approach, where we determine the reasons why a company is underperforming from both the big picture and daily operational perspectives. Utilizing our decades of experience in both business and banking, it is our goal to help our clients right what is wrong, keep what is working and develop new ways to address areas of the business that need improvement.

corporate restructuring planning

Cash Flow Forecasting Services

During the process of a corporate restructuring, it is vital to have an accurate understanding of an organization’s current cash flow position, as well as an estimate of what the future holds. SOGID™ Management Consultants will work with your team to manage your current liquidity and evaluate your expected payments and receivables moving forward in order to meet obligations such as payroll, taxes and vendor payments.

Our team understands how important adequate cash flow is to the long-term viability of a company. Let us put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for your organization by helping you gain a realistic perspective of your cash flow status today and develop a strategy to maximize it into the future.

Chief Restructuring Officer 

A company does not need to be insolvent to benefit from the services of a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO). An experienced CRO can provide proven management strategies when an organization is in need of addition direction.

Because a CRO is granted full control of the daily operations of a company, they can have a direct and significant influence on restructuring the business toward solvency and profitability. The team at SOGID™ Management Consultants has the knowledge and experience to effectively fill the role of CRO in your organization. In addition to other duties, our goals would be to stabilize the fundamental aspects of your company, as well as reattain productive relationships with all external stakeholders.            

Creditor Management Services

Businesses cannot survive without having positive relationships with lenders and creditors. These partners play a vital role in every successful restructuring plan, as they must have confidence that an organization will be able to meet their obligations to them. By utilizing such financial tools as cash flow forecasting and liquidity management, lenders and creditors are much more likely to accept a restructuring plan.

The professionals at SOGID™ Management Consultants have decades of experience in rebuilding trust with these critical stakeholders, as well as implementing restructuring plans that substantially involve lenders and creditors.  As an objective partner in the restructuring process, we have the skills needed to effectively communicate to lenders and creditors the concept that supporting a well thought out restructuring plan is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Business Liquidity Management and Financial Reporting

Liquidity Management Services

Whether a business is struggling or doing well, liquidity plays a huge role in both its short and long-term success. While cash flow is an element of liquidity, the latter provides a much more in-depth view of a company’s ability to utilize its assets to meet financial obligations. It can often be helpful to evaluate an organization’s past liquidity as a foundation to develop a plan on how to meet future needs.

The seasoned team at SOGID™ Management Consultants helps our clients fully understand their current liquidity positon and creates strategies on how to best use company assets to meet future commitments. Whether an organization has already developed internal liquidity management tools or not, our experts can provide valuable insight on how to create them or improve existing ones.

Operational Improvement Services

Whether your business is struggling or simply wanting to improve, there is often a need to change its daily operational strategies to get the organization headed in the right direction.

The professionals at SOGID™ Management Consultants are skilled at quickly assessing an organization at both the macro and micro levels in order to provide recommendations for improvement. Starting with some information gathering, we will work with your management team to identify where the company operations can be refined in the areas of lowering expenses, raising revenues, and appropriate staff models. Our goal is to never upend your company’s culture but rather develop ways to integrate it into a more productive and efficient business model.

Profitability Improvement Services

Nearly all businesses have the goal of either quickly or eventually becoming profitable and ideally, management decisions in a company should be based on how to best maximize profits and cash flow.

Over the years, the team at SOGID™ Management Consultants has worked with many companies to help them clearly evaluate which areas of their business operation are functioning well and which are in need of improvement.

Our analysis takes a comprehensive approach, by looking at all potential profit enhancing opportunities. These include product or service pricing, reducing overhead costs, marketing efforts and other key aspects of the business that are directly linked to profitability. We have found that often the inclusion of an objective, outside partner such as SOGID™ Management Consultants can provide valuable insight into how to achieve the objective of optimizing margins.

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