Debt and Equity Financing Sources

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Debt & Equity Financing

Every company, regardless of its size or industry needs a reliable flow of capital in order to operate and endeavor to grow. For many businesses, developing the right kind of capital strategy to meet their unique needs can be challenging.

The seasoned professionals at SOGID™ Management Consultants have many years of experience in helping companies create capital financing plans that will best align with both their short and long term goals. 

When it comes to raising money for a business, a one size fits all approach will not suffice. We will work closely with your executive team to determine the best path for your specific circumstances.

There are two types of capital financing arrangements that most companies tend to utilize.

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What Is Debt Financing?

Debt financing is a strategy that involves the borrowing of funds from a financial institution that is expected to be paid back with interest. There are a number of benefits to entering into a debt financing agreement with an external lending partner, including:

  • Retain Ownership – Debt financing does not require an owner of a company to give away any stake in the business. Sometimes a financial institution will require collateral for a loan, but ownership in the organization remains the same.
  • Management Control – Just as ownership is not affected by a debt financing agreement, neither is control of a company by its management team. All decision making power remains the same.
  • Tax Deductible Interest Payments – Regardless of the type of debt financing agreement a business enters into, the interest paid on borrowed money is usually deductible, which can have a notable impact on annual tax liabilities each year.

What Is Equity Financing?

Equity financing is the selling of a part of a company’s ownership in order to raise capital.  Whether that be through the issuing of stock or a simple infusion of cash from a private investor, there are many advantages of raising capital through the process of equity financing.

  • No Repayment Obligation – Under equity financing, there is no need to repay the funds that investors have given a business. No debt is incurred under this arrangement.
  • Additional Business Resources – Bringing on investors can open a company up to utilizing the experience, management and technical skills of outside parties that can be very beneficial.
  • Renewable Capital Resource – As a company grows and continues to prosper, its investors are often in a position to provide additional capital funding as needed.

Experienced Debt & Equity Finance Sourcing

The team at SOGID™ Management Consultants can help you determine whether debt or equity financing would be best for your business. It is important to be fully informed of both the benefits and possible disadvantages that each capital funding strategy brings with it. Let us put our decades of financial expertise to work in helping you find the right approach to reach your financial objectives.

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