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Bringing powerful systems and resources to bear in support of you and your business. We help you to attack your problems, enhance your profits and achieve your financial goals.

About Us

SOGID™ Management Consultants is a Chicago-based management consulting firm that specializes in management advisory, restructuring, debt and equity placement and due diligence services with a proud history of serving both financially troubled and profitable companies nationwide. 

With historical experience within the middle-market commercial banking industry, we have a unique perspective gained from years of experience on “Both sides of the desk. “ We can be a highly effective resource for both creditors and debtors as the result. SOGID™ is often able to bridge the communication gap between the business owner and institutional lenders and investors in a way that makes everyone more effective in attaining their goals.

Financial Advisory Services

Our Services

Financial Advisory Services

Financial Modeling, Interim Management, Management Coaching, Refinancing, and Strategic Planning

Macro and Micro Data Gathering and Analysis

Market intelligence, analytics and data science initiatives. Data discovery, acquisition, prep, consolidation and storage

Human Resource Development and Coaching

Creating systems, structure, and training that align people, work activities and overall business systems for a better corporate culture.


Cash Flow Forecasting, Chief Restructuring Officer, Creditor Management, Liquidity Management, Operational Improvement, and Profitability Improvement

Debt and Equity Sourcing

Years of experience in middle market finance have yielded abundant contacts for both equity and different forms of debt financing.

Creditor/Landlord Negotiations/Insolvency

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Orderly Liquidation, Receivership, Chapter 128 (Wisconsin) and UCC Sale


Our Strategic Planning Consultants in Chicago are Committed to Serving You

Andy has many years of experience in management consulting in Chicago. He has operated his own businesses including SOGID™ Management Consultants, a private consulting practice catering to the middle market facilitating operational improvement, sales management consulting, financial management, debt and equity sourcing, M&A advisory services as well as turnaround and distressed asset management work.
Roman Forowycz is a management consultant focusing on the packaging industry. Forowycz works with private equity firms and manufacturers of flexible and rigid packaging materials. He has spent the last decade working closely with new sustainable technologies that minimize environmental impact. Key areas of focus are food, pharma and most recently cannabis.

David contributes over 25 years of accounting and finance experience to the team.  David has worked in multiple industries including Oil and Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Energy and Healthcare.  He has led finance and accounting teams for multiple companies including an international healthcare company and an international steel trade association. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have helped many clients to improve their margins, efficiency and cash flow. We review market pricing, product sourcing, labor standards and staffing levels in order to determine the best levers to push to improve your business.

Our management consulting firm in Chicago can help you to manage cash (Receivables, Inventory, Sourcing, Payables) if that is determined to be the issue or help you to source and secure additional debt or equity funding to help you support growth.

We have been bankers in the past and understand what they are looking for. We can translate effectively between you and help to improve your performance to meet their requirements or find you a new bank with whom you feel comfortable working.

We can help put systems and processes in place to help you gain control of and realize the originally contemplated value of your investment.

We can help negotiate with your vendors so that you can both take care of them and get the material that you need to generate sales. We can also help you to manage staffing levels, smooth material receipts and find additional financing to support your resumption of business.

We may be able to work with you and your bank to arrive at a plan to repair the situation. We can also help you to source alternative interim financing, secure outside capital or sell your business. If necessary, our strategic planning consultants in Chicago can help you to navigate bankruptcy protection or sell your business through similar processes (ABC, UCC-Sale).

We help businesses improve their operations by advising the management group. We can help in this type of circumstance be functioning as your children’s “Active Advisory” board member and give them the support and guidance that you would like them to have.

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